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Our name comes from a Roman farmer, named Marcus Varro, who trained three puppies for herding. Varro speaks on the benefits of training dogs from a young age. Our research indicates that Marcus Varro's writing on dog training is the first written record of an account of dog training.

More on Marcus

His work: Three Books on Agriculture, is the only complete work to survive, which are observations of a farmer truly integrated with the land.

He was not a politician, nor of high repute but he was known by and in contact with Roman senators and philosophers of the day because of his intricate knowledge of the natural world. He observed the world through his work with a curious and scientific mind. 

This curiosity, and wonder about nature and animals is the same curiosity we bring to working with dogs ourselves. 


Wheat Field

"Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities."

- Marcus Varro

A Name That Makes Sense

The fact that our company is named after a renknowned Roman figure who happened to be one of, if not the first, written account of dog training is a bit poetic. 

Our founder, Caleb, ever since he was a boy has loved Roman history, and Greek history. From the stories of the gladiators to the ever interesting Marcus Aurelius to the fact that the Romans invented concrete has captured Caleb's interest. 

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