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At Varro Pet Services, we do not believe that animals are beneath us.

They may be in our care, but the relationship is symbiotic. We may from the animals in our care as much as we may teach the animals in our care. We believe that we walk parallel to animals in our lives, they are are our companions. We have a duty to be our best selves to them. 

Varro Pet Services is a force free company. This means we don't use harsh corrections or tools like prong collars. Positive reinforcement is a method that falls under the umbrella of force free. It can include rewards like treats or toys or praise. In conjunction with positive reinforcement, Varro Pet Services clicker training which is based on the work by Pavlov. Our methods are scientifically based and have been shown to be effective time and time again.

Using positive reinforcement helps increase a dogs confidence, and creates a much more predictable dog. It has been shown to be an effective tool in treating all kinds of reactivity such as leash, and dog reactivity.  

There are plenty of ways to train and manage a dog's behavior. Using positive reinforcement is the way we choose to train. We treat dogs with dignity and respect.

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