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5 Interesting Facts About Dog Breeds

It is surprising how much you might not know about different dog breeds.

Here are five interesting facts you might not have heard about five different dog breeds:

  1. Dalmatians

Did you know that in the 1700s, Dalmatians were used for guard carriages?

Yes, guard carriages! Considering their well-rounded abilities, it is no surprise that Dalmatians have been used for several different jobs, including as guard carriages.

2. Dachshunds

Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting badgers, which is a testament to their bravery. Despite their small size, Dachshunds are brace and fierce.

3. Australian Cattle Dogs

As you might have heard before, there are a few similarities between Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, and Dingos but did you know that Australian Cattle Dogs are actually bred with Dingos? Dingos are wild, domestic dogs from Australia.

4. Border Collies

Border Collies are very intelligent and have strong herding instincts. They were originally used in the border country between Scotland's and England to herd sheep.

5. Greyhounds

Greyhounds are known as life-savers at veterinary schools. Because of their high red blood cell count, they make great blood donors. I guess it's fair to say Greyhounds are heroes!

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