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How To Keep Your House Clean with A Pet: Part 2


This works great on any upholstery bed, car, and even on sofas. Permanently removes tough spots and stains. It is easy-to-store, lightweight design, and has tanks that are easy to fill and empty. One time I spilled coffee on my bed and it worked like a commercial!

I love this mop! The microfiber cloths it comes with are good quality. The bucket is an improvement on your average mop bucket. It has two sides, one for your soapy water, and one for you to dry your mop and get the dirty water out. There is a little place on the drying side for you to scrub the dirt off before getting new water. One of the things I don't like about using microfiber mops instead of a traditional mop is your inability to squeeze the towel out, this mop solves that!

I have tried a variety of cleaning products including Swiffer pads from various companies. These are the best ones I've tried. Granted they are a few dollars more expensive than generic companies, but it's worth it. You can actually use both sides of the pad, they have far more soap in them too. We go through a lot here, so we have them on subscribe and save.

This is a portable dog paw washer. It provides a quick and thorough cleaning

of a dog’s muddy paws especially before they track it into your car or all over the house! It is portable and amazing especially if you're a hiker.

Bonus: Baking Soda

Baking soda is simply a miracle, and you can't convince me otherwise. I use it for better laundry, washing down crates, and many other things. Keep a container of it in every room and use it in a spray bottle. This might seem simple but it is useful to help remove any unwanted odors. The best place I've found to get it is BJ's. They have a 13.5 pound bag for really cheap!

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