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Incorporating your Dog in your Health Journey

Yes, your pup can help you become more active and can even make the process of becoming healthier much more fun!

The best part about this is that you literally have a workout partner with you at any hour of the day waiting by the door always ready to explore. This will surely keep you motivated!

Regular exercise with your pet is good for both your health and your dog's health and can be great fun. So, we want to share with you a few activities you and your dog can do together that will be not only entertaining but will keep you both active!

Walking with your dog

Don't think of it as simply "walking the dog" anymore. Think of it as intentionally walking with your dog.

Walking with your dog is a great option, for both you and the dog. For dogs who may struggle with more intense, high impact exercises, walking is such a low impact and peaceful activity to perform.

Dog owners enjoy numerous health and social benefits by walking their dogs as well. These benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones, and decreased stress.

This is also important for your pet's health too. Taking time daily to walk your dog provides them with mental stimulation, chances for socialization, and opportunities for behavioral training.

Jogging with your dog

In the long run, jogging with your dog can keep unwanted pounds off, extend your life, and help you stay healthy and happy and the same goes for your furry friend.

Running with your dog is a great way to get exercise done. You’ll burn calories, strengthen muscles, and improve health while spending time with your four-legged friend. Running will also help you sleep better at night.

Hiking with your dog

Any dog owner knows that a bored pet can start to act out in destructive ways, and it’s important to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

In addition to regular daily walks around your neighborhood, hiking is a great idea. It satisfies any type of dog who is very curious and always ready for an adventure.

The best part about this is that it’s free!

Swimming with your dog

Swimming has several health benefits for us humans, but did you know that swimming is also great for your furry friend?

Swimming strengthens your dog's joints, reduces pain, decreases inflammation and provides a safe exercise for age-related limitations. Also, your dog's deep breathing while swimming strengthens the heart and lungs.

So, go ahead! Take your furry friend to the lake with you. Together, you'll have a blast!

Circuit training with your dog

By performing a variety of exercises in a row with minimal rest to the end of the circuit you are not only building up your muscular strength, but you are also building up your dog's muscular endurance.

It also increases strength, increases muscle growth, and improves your heart health.

That’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

Playing Frisbee with your dog

There are several benefits to playing Frisbee with your dog! This includes improving your dog's motor coordination, increasing understanding, and increasing harmony between dog and owner. It is also a fun pastime for both.

Frisbees are great toys for dogs as it allows them to have so much fun while it releases all kinds of pent-up energy. All the running and catching will keep your dog fit both physically and mentally.

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