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Varro Pets's Ball Recommendations!

We at Varro Pet Services spend day in and day out, playing with pups. We use a variety of toys

with the pups including lots of balls. Balls serve many uses when working with pups from exercise, to training, to bonding with each other. We have tried many, many out and here are the best ones we've tried.


You really can't go wrong with this ball. I've had a few of these they're pretty durable, but even still with how many pops coming through I still go through a fair amount of them. The Chuck-It Soccer Ball is designed so the dogs actually grab onto it because of the grooves. The dogs love playing with it. It's a great freedom for me, to be able to play with the pups without my hands as well. I think this is a must have for all pups.

Summer with the Chuck-It Fetch ball

We have used this ball so much! A lot of toys claim that they're durable, this one actually is. It's a little football and you can actually stuff it with different treats for the dogs basically like a little Kong if you want to make it extra fun for your pup. One time, I spent five hours playing fetch with a Swiss shepherd with this ball. Ours is in rough shape but the pups still love it.

3. KONG Extreme Ball

The third ball on our list is a Kong item and as you guys probably know I'm a big fan of Kong

items. They're durable but they're not exactly cheap. I've had this ball for quite a while and it's never got damaged even a little bit. One bonus is that it's super bouncy which makes fetch extra fun. One thing that's really nice about this part is that there's a hole through the center so you can attach a rope if you wanted to turn it into a train toy or you could stuff treats in it too!

4. Chew King Fetch Balls

We go through a lot of toys with all the pups we take care of, so we needed to find an affordable

high quality option for the pups. These are simple fairly durable rubber balls that are pretty bouncy which make for great fetch!


  • If you play a lot of fetch with your dog, I really do recommend getting one of the jackets or using a lacrosse stick or the soccer ball to make it a lot easier.

  • Make sure you're not playing too much fetch with your puppy under a year, but especially 6 months. Their joints and muscles are fragile until about a year, so just be aware.


  • A lot of dogs don't know how to play fetch or they don't want to bring the ball back every time so the best thing to do with that is to get two of the same balls and have them trade for the ball that you're throwing and that overtime will teach them how to bring the ball back to you.

We hope you and your pup enjoy the toys!

Thanks for reading!

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