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About Me

Varro Pet Services CEO

A Trusted Source for Animal Care


     My name is Caleb Rohrssen-Church. I am from Ithaca, New York. I have cared for animals all my life. I have trained dogs, kept cats, and helped on farms. It is an honor and a privilege to have a being in your care and I carry that sentiment with me to all the animals that I care for. I will give your pet the highest quality care there is to offer. 


     Our name comes from a Roman farmer, named Marcus Varro, who trained three puppies for herding. Varro speaks on the benefits of training dogs from a young age. 

     His work: Three Books on Agriculture, is the only complete work to survive, which are observations of a farmer truly integrated with the land. The antiquity overlayed into our name reminds us that humankind is bound to animals and to the natural world. A notion that seems to have been somewhat forgotten as of late. His work reminds us that we are responsible for the world around us and have a duty to give it the highest care conceivable.  

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