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About Me

Varro Pet Services CEO

A Trusted Source for Animal Care


     My name is Caleb Rohrssen-Church. I am from Ithaca, New York. I have cared for animals all my life. I have trained dogs, kept cats, and helped on farms. It is an honor and a privilege to have a being in your care and I carry that sentiment with me to all the animals that I care for. I will give your pet the highest quality care there is to offer. 

I started caring for dogs casually for family, and then I cared for dogs for years via the Rover app. During these years, I learned that I had an intuitive understanding of dogs. However, an intuitive understanding of dogs is not enough. I have combined my natural talent with careful observation, untold patience, and an in-depth study of dog training, psychology and behavior. In 2021, I decided to diverge from Rover and start Varro Pet Services. I started the company because I wanted a place for high-energy large dogs like huskies and shepherds to get the proper exercise and be understood.


My care style is patient, gentle, and I am able to see the humor in the things dogs do. I subscribe to the force free school of training. Force free training is rewards based methodology, whether that be play, treats or whatever else the dog finds intriguing. Force free dog training has been scientifically shown to aid all types of behavioral modification and obedience. One technique we use to train dogs is clicker trainer which stems from Pavlov's famous experiments.


Check out our blog post on clicker training:




Our name comes from a Roman farmer, named Marcus Varro, who trained three puppies for herding livestock. He is the first written source speaking on dog training as far as our research has shown. He was well respected during his life for his knowledge of agriculture.

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