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Our Services

All booking is done through a system called KennelBooker. Your pup will need an evaluation prior to booking. Please visit the Meet and Greet scheduling page for an evaluation. 
Please email or text us at 607.743.0529.

Board & Train

Bring your pup to the Varro training facility to work on obedience, leash walking, and manners via force free techniques. We have one week, two week, and one month stays. Each pup gets a tailored daily schedule.


*We do not take reactivity cases for board & train. Please see one-on-one training for reactive cases.


Please fill out the pre-training form below to get started.

Three Big Puppies

Puppy School

Home-style force free puppy school. Only four slots available. Tailored individual plans for each pup. An emphasis on commands that keep your dog safe, such as stay, leave it, and recall.


Mondays, and Fridays from 7AM-5:30PM. 

Puppy School is $60/day. There are packages available.

Please email us to check availability. 

Premium Dog Boarding

Varro Pet Services also offers dog boarding. 

Experienced, reliable home style dog boarding. 

Only two spots available. 


Dog on Leash

One-on-one Training

Let us help you with reactivity, obedience, or manners. We have several plans available for each need. We will teach you and your pup the skills you need to live a fulfilling life. We offer both three hour sessions or 90 minute sessions for the intial session. We follow up every 2-3 weeks. Each plan is tailored to each owner and pup.


Please email to see which training package is right for you.


Please fill out the pre-training form below to get started.

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