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Toys We Just Added To Our Arsenal

Here at Varro Pet Services, we are always trying new toys to ensure that the pups have fun. We're always on the hunt for good, durable toys. We just added three new items to our toy box. After a few days of trying them out, we like them enough to recommend them.


We've wanted to add a flirt pole to our toy collection for a while and we finally have. If you're not familiar with a flirt pole, they're basically a dog size version of a cat toy. So far all the pups, especially the herding, and sporting breeds, have loved chasing it. Since it's a pole on a string it requires much less work than tug-of-war requires. For $15 it's a great choice for tiring your pup out.

This is our second herding ball from Jolly that we've gotten. They make them of all sizes and

we got this one for our smaller clients. These balls are designed to mimic the motion of herding, as you might have guessed, which make it a no brainer when you're working with herding dogs such as Australian shepherds and Border Collies. These balls are made out of hard durable plastic and are not meant to be chewed on. We recommend supervising your dog while they play with their herding ball because too much chewing on it can hurt their teeth. Not all dogs know how to use the herding ball instantly so you may have to work with your pup a bit and show them how to use it, but the effort is well worth it. When they get it, they can't leave it alone! $13.

Tennis balls are one of the best ways to tire a pup out, and they like it even better when

they're squeaky. While we may not like to think about it, the reason pups like squeak toys is because it mimics the sound an animal makes after they've caught them. Congruently, sporting dogs such as labs and golden retrievers seem to especially love squeak toys. This brand's balls are durable, and bouncy. Bounce is something we look for in balls because it helps tire the pups out a little extra. We always go for a 12 pack when we order balls because the pups either lose them or destroy them. $20.


Thanks for reading! We hope you found our article helpful.

Varro Pet Services takes part in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a commission from the products above.

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